What is Kava?

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Is Kava Legal in New Zealand

drinking kava in New Zealand

“Where to Buy Kava in New Zealand?” wasn’t a question asked until recent years. That’s because it wasn’t until March 2017, that the New Zealand government made it legal for kava to be imported into the country. Consequently, a new market for kava growers in Fiji and Vanuatu resulted.

Kava has been consumed in these countries for thousands of years as part of their traditional culture. It is used in religious ceremonies and social gatherings, as well as being an integral part of daily life. In fact, most people in Fiji and Vanuatu drink kava every day.

Now that kava has been made legal in New Zealand, it can be sold legally there too!

Where Can You Buy Kava in New Zealand?

Kava Drinkers in new Zealand

You can buy kava in New Zealand at most natural health food stores, as well as some supermarkets. Kava is sold in both powdered and root forms. The powdered form is often sold in small bags ranging from 50gms to 1kg.

Similarly to Australia, there are many options for purchasing kava on the internet in New Zealand as well. Many websites offer free samples, so that you can see how it tastes before committing to buying in large quantities.

Buy Kava from Health Food Stores in New Zealand

Kava is available at most major health food stores, as well as some specialty shops. However, it is important to note that the kava sold in health food stores is usually a raw powder or root. You may need to ask if it has been processed into a capsule or tablet form. Some health food stores that sell kava in New Zealand include:

Health Post

Health Post is a chain of health and wellness stores that sell a wide range of products including vitamins, supplements, and health foods. They have over 140 stores across New Zealand and offer delivery services to most of those locations.

The website has an extensive range of kava products available for purchase online, including capsules and powder form. It also has a list of all the locations where you can pick up your order from if you don’t want it delivered to your home address (if you’re ordering more than one).

The Natural Health Co.

The Natural Health Co. is a New Zealand-based health food store that sells kava. The company was founded in 1996 as a business that would allow customers to buy natural health products online and have them delivered to their doors.

Kava is available for purchase at The Natural Health Co., and it’s sold in powder form with the option of being mixed with water or juice. It can be used as a sleep aid, an anti-anxiety supplement, or even a way to help you relax after a long day of work.

Buy Kava in Super Markets

The good news is that you can find kava at your local supermarket in New Zealand. Here are some places you can look:

1. Countdown Supermarkets

These supermarkets have a wide selection of beverages, including kava. You’ll find them at all their locations across all New Zealand’s major cities.

2. Pak 'n Save Supermarkets

Pak ‘n Save Supermarkets carry kava at many of their locations throughout New Zealand. You’ll find them at many major malls, allowing you to get your fix no matter where you live or work!

3. New World Supermarkets

New World Supermarkets offer kava in many different flavours at many locations throughout New Zealand’s major cities.

Buy Kava Online in New Zealand

Some of the most common places to purchase kava online are:

Mind Fuel

Mind Fuel is a company that provides kava products, including powder, capsules, and tea bags. The company was founded in 2013 by Peter and Elizabeth Davies, who were inspired to create their own brand of kava after trying it for the first time at a party in Fiji. They wanted to make a kava product that was safe and easy to use—so they created Mind Fuel!

The Kava Society

The Kava Society is a New Zealand-based company that specialises in kava. They manufacture their own kava products and sell them, along with a variety of other products, online. The Kava Society’s products are made from ingredients sourced from throughout the Pacific Islands, including Fiji and Vanuatu.